Englandstur for 7. klasse

Day 1:

We met at Kastrup Airport in the morning, and flew to Stansted Airport in London, and then took a train to Cambridge. We left our luggage in a bike shop, so we wouldn’t have to carry it around all day. Then we took a sightseeing bus around Cambridge, and heard about buildings and their history. Then we saw the American Cemetery in Cambridge, a cemetery of fallen soldiers from the Second World War. It was very interesting and educational.

We took the bus to a little market in the middle of Cambridge, introduced as our new meeting place. We had some shopping time, walking around the market, and in a big mall right next to it.

Later, in the afternoon, we took the bus to the train station. Here we were picked up by our host families, or sent to the host families by a taxi. We had made some groups already.

We ate dinner with the families, and started to talk with them.

Naturally, the families were very different. Some of them talked a lot to us, others, not so much. Yet, all of us got to talk a bit English.

Day 2:

We took the bus from the host families to Drummer Street Bus Station, were we met our teachers. We talked a lot about the host families to each other. When everybody had arrived, we went to Starbucks for a cop of hot chocolate, coffee, or whatever we would like.

We then went to a “court room”. It was an educational activity, where we saw a movie and heard about Cambridge from a student.

Afterwards, we went on a treasure hunt. We had some questions about Cambridge, and guided from a map, we searched the city for answers. It helped us get a closer look of the colleges and streets.

Our host families had made us lunch, and we ate in front of a souvenir shop. It was interesting to see what the English ate for lunch, though it might not look as tempting to us, as it did to them.

After lunch, we met a really nice old lady called Nancy. She took us on a ghost walk, where she told us ghost stories from different buildings in Cambridge.

We ended the tour at Cam, the river running through Cambridge. There we went punting, which means we sailed down the river in two huge, flat boats. We saw bridges, and had two guides with us, who also SAILED (punted) the boats.
However, in the end we just ended up trying to teach them Danish, which was hilarious.

We spent the rest of the day shopping at the mall, and then took the bus back to our host families.

Day 3:

We met on Drummer Street Bus Station as usual, and got our morning drink. Then we met the old lady, Nancy, again, and went for a long tour about Cambridge. She told us about the different colleges, Cambridge’s history and a lot of other facts about Cambridge. We learned very much that day.

We ate lunch at a little restaurant and café called Tatties. Some of us had forgotten our lunch, and the rest of us weren’t exactly crazy about the lunch from our host families. It was really nice to spent time with your classmates, while eating lunch.

After we had eaten, it was time for shopping once again. A lot of us bought stuff, but looking was just as fine. We had brought money, but maximum 1,000 dkk, which is slightly more than 100 pounds.

About 4 o’clock, we went to a little café called Auntie’s Teashop. It’s a traditional British shop, were they served cream tea, which is not a tea, but some kind of meal, where they serve scones with jam and whipped cream, and tea, of course.

We then returned to the host families by bus, after the last day in Cambridge. Most of us had bought them a little gift, flowers or chocolate, which we gave them in the evening.

Day 4:

Instead of meeting on Drummer Street, we meet at Cambridge train station, after saying goodbye to our host families. We got on the train for London, and the ride was really nice. We arrived at Kings Cross shortly before lunchtime. We had eaten in the train though, and weren’t hungry.

We saw platform 9 ¾, and then took the London Underground to the hotel called Pembridge Palace Hotel. Until now, there were some difficulties and confusion about our rooms, so the groups were made as we stepped into the hotel.

After we had unpacked and relaxed a bit, we had some food at Burger King. It rained, but we were happy anyway. We took the tube again from Bayswater Station, the underground stop closest to the hotel.

After a bit of confusion about the trains, we arrived at Covent Garden, a big market with everything from tables with funny t-shirts for sale, to an elegant Chanel. We were shopping there for a little while. Then we walked to Piccadilly Circus, where we saw a huge M&M’s shop. There were many floors, and not only candy in all the colours of the rainbow, but T-shirts, pencils, schoolbags and a lot of other stuff, all with M&Ms on it.

We went back to our hotel, where we got a little time to ourselves in the groups. Then, about 7 o’clock, we went to a Lebanese restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, it was back to the hotel, where we spent a lovely evening together, before going to bed.

Day 5:

 After breakfast, we took the underground to Baker Street. As we walked down the street, we got to see the statue of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Already, there were some funny stories about people talking in their sleep.
One had to stay home sick. Then we went to Madame Tussauds wax museum, to see all the celebrities made out of wax. We took a lot of photographs of us, hanging with all the stars.

After spending a lot of time there, we went to Downing Street where the prime minister lives, and walked on to St. James’s park, where there were some adorable little chipmunks.
They came very close.

We ate ice cream in the park, though it was a little cold. On our way home, we stopped at a small Italian restaurant, and got some delicious food.

Then it was back to the hotel. Some of the girls went for a bit of evening-shopping. During the evening, the teachers walked around the hotel, giving us different kind of medicine, since there were a bit of sickness and colds in the class, but not enough to kill the good mood!

Day 6:

After breakfast, we went directly to Camden. We were to see and shop at Camden Market, a huge market, with a lot of different things. There we bought a lot of stuff, and ate some Chinese food for lunch. After we had been shopping for a while, we took the train back to the hotel. At the hotel, we had some time to relax.
Then, about 4 o’clock, we went to London Dungeon, just next to Big Ben, London Eye etc.
It’s like a scary walk through London’s history, about the plaque, Jack the Ripper, Sweeny Todd etc. There were mixed emotions about the experience, some thought it wasn’t that scary, but we all agreed it was a great experience, and personally, we found it pretty scary!

We then found a McDonalds, and bought our dinner. We ate it on the grass, just below London Eye. After dinner, it started to get dark, and they turned on the lights in London eye, where we were supposed to go! We saw London by night, and it was extremely beautiful!
When we were done, we walked to Trafalgar Square. There were a few men playing reggae music, and we stayed there to dance for a while.
After a long day, we went back to the hotel.

Day 7:

The last day! We ate breakfast, and then walked to Bayswater St.

We took the train to Marble Arch. We were told when to meet, and then took the bus down Oxford Street. We then split up, and walked back to the starting point, while SHOPPING!
Oxford Street is like created for that purpose. After about one hour of shopping, we met again, and bought some food at a store called Boots. We walked over to Hyde Park, and ate lunch on the grass. After lunch, some of us saw Speakers Corner, before continuing the shopping. Much money was spent that day!

Then we went back to the hotel, where we got some time to relax, and pack a little bit, before we had to head home tomorrow. Then we dressed up in our new clothes, refreshed our makeup, so that we would be ready for the musical.

For dinner we went to Pizza Hut, which was kind of funny, because we were all dressed up for a musical, and not pizza.

After dinner, we took the train to the musical. It was called “We Will Rock You”, and it was amazing!
Of course, there were different opinions again, but all thought it was great. It was about a future, where all real music had been banned, and replaced by some computer programmed music.

Luckily, there were a group of rebels, who found the music once again, and discovered rock n’ roll.

After the musical, we went back to the hotel.

Day 8:

We woke up as usual, and ate breakfast. But instead of going anywhere, we went to our rooms to pack. After the packing was done, and our rooms had been cleaned and checked, we went to the train station. We took the train around, and ended up in Stansted airport. We ate food from Boots, had some time for last minute shopping, and then got inside the airplane.
We arrived at Kastrup 6 o’clock, and were picked up by our families.

It was a WONDERFULL trip!

Written by Mille and Johanna (7th grade – 2013)